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Monday Confessional


Confession: the highlight of my weekend was completing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. And I didn't even have a boring weekend. Another wedding Friday night (love weddings!), swimming at the river with friends on Saturday, and a surprise visit from guests Sunday afternoon.

I just REALLY love putting together a fun puzzle.

I am an old lady.

(If you weren't sure, read the above sentence in which I used the term "fun puzzle".)

To me fun is something busy with lots of stuff going on (Wasgij's are the absolute best). NOT fun is a picture of giant horse with 855 brown colored pieces!


  1. Hey, it's Tuesday! I just checked your blog and all you have posted is the Monday confessional? It was a great blog and all, but let's try and stay up to date. I'll let it slide this time.

    1. So demanding! Listen, when a good book calls, I must answer! So that's my excuse... reading. :)