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Keeping busy


In the past 6 days I have:
- been taken to the theater
- attended a wedding
- hosted a birthday slumber party for 8 girls
- worked in a booth at the county fair
- gone to the zoo
- brought home and made room for a free upright piano
And today I'm going to a garden tea party with Kendall!

You could say summer is treating us well.

Kendall's party included the following plans: swim at the river, pizza dinner, cake and presents, s'mores around the campfire, sleep out in a tent, and because she is nothing if not a girl to the max, do makeovers and have a fashion show.

the girls all picked rocks down at the river to carry home to paint. This was a fun part of the night!

Their fashion show was a RIOT and included runway music and an emcee on the microphone. I was the videographer. 

I finally buttoned them all up in the tent at 1:30 am and then made them blueberry pancakes when they rolled back inside at 10 am. Word on the street is that they didn't fall asleep until 4 am but I wouldn't know because I was out cold at 1:31 am.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of our dear friend "Papa Bob" passing. Mum, Kelly, myself, and our boys spent the day with Grandma Tracy at the zoo and it was perfect. We surprised Tracy by having the boys wear t-shirts with Papa Bob's picture on the front and "Papa Bob's Boys" printed on the back. She loved them and they also turned out to be very handy for keeping track of all four in the crowded zoo! 

Hi fives for surviving the day with four boys without losing anyone and still having fun!

And now I'm off to get dressed pretty for a tea party. Keep the fun times rolling!

(Totally in denial that schools starts again in 20 days.... nooooo!)


  1. You've been one busy lady! Looks like fun times.

  2. Loved this peek at your summer. Our summer is not treating us too badly either. :-) School started 2 weeks ago for us and I'm still in denial. Oh, well. Let the good times roll!