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Cell phone snapshots of questionable quality capturing the awesomeness that is regular ol' life.
That's what instafriday is all about! Follow me on instagram at jodalamode :)

Proud new library card holder!

Evening swim down at the back of our property. Yep, we are lucky.

Advertising our kids' school at a booth at the county fair. Turned out to be a fun (and free) date night!

I won't lie, I signed up for the fair food. Hello, funnel cake!

And the next several pics are from a little garden tea party Kendall and I went to yesterday... 

^^Kendall & Molly^^
^^myself, Beth, & Kate^^
^^Therese, Annie, Emily, & Jana^^

My friend Therese is blessed with the gift of hospitality and leaves no detail out.
It was the loveliest day!

And now onto the weekend! Have a great one, friends.


  1. Um, I can't believe that is your backyard. So gorgeous. And I somehow wasn't following you before, but I am now!

  2. That moment when they get their own library card. Is that when you realize they are growing up, because I am not there yet? Also, I am so very jealous of the river at the end of your yard.

    1. Just one of the many signs! It's all fun though :)

  3. Love that swimmin' hole! Just saying hello from InstaFriday!