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We are taking off for the coast for the weekend but before I go here's a few of my faves snapped with the cell phone this week...

Cousins. Pantless apparently. Who needs 'em anyway?!

Blake stuck a plastic bead in his ear and off we went to the Dr. to have it removed. 
Just how every mother wants to spend her afternoon.

When I started Kendall's dresser project I watched youtube videos of how to do it and then asked Russ if he happened to have a palm sander. He didn't, but not three days later he brought me home this one from a yard sale - $10 bucks. Love that guy! And now I want to SAND ALL THE THINGS!!!

These two three are the snugglers in the family - they fill each other's love tank!

In case you don't have enough Nutella in your life - Costco now sells an 11 pound tub! Oh, Costco.

A little size comparison. (and that two pack is not tiny!) $37.00 and that behemoth can be yours.

Blake found a new friend :)

Throw back Thursday. Kendall & THE MOST ADORABLE COOPER ages 4 and 3.
Raise your hand if you used to dress up your little brother as a kid!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Loved them all. Enjoy the beach.

  2. ah i love the froggy!!! hes so cute!!! have fun on your trip!