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Furniture makeovers


This summer I've dipped my teeny toe into the pool of DIY projects. 

It started with deciding to paint Kendall's room because it had been the same color since she was 1 year old, and quickly turned into a complete room makeover because, why not. (It still needs some final details finished before revealing).

The first thing I took on was spray painting her desk chair.
Totally fun and easy. (Word to the wise, spray paint goes quickly. Buy two cans.) Kendall was given the stool and already had the pillow so all I had to buy was the paint. 

Next up I took on a much larger project: her dresser.
(This was after Kendall and I had taken the ugly brass handles off and I'd started sanding the top, and BEFORE Kendall dropped the mirror and shattered the glass.)

I enlisted all 3 kids to help sand, they were a great help. 

After the first coat of spray on primer 

And all finished! (New glass still to come.) 

I am exceedingly proud of myself for completing this project because I didn't ask Russ for any help, using online tutorials and youtube videos for the whole process instead. And I can tell you Russ was proud as punch too :)

The room is basically done except for some final decoration items that need to be purchased, items that unfortunately take a back seat to back-to-school supply and clothes shopping. Darn kids who keep growing!

I'll be sure to share it here though when it's done!


  1. Well done oh clever one. dresser came out awesome.

  2. How have I not seen that adorable desk chair? I LOVE IT!! Sooooooo cute! And yes, you did AMAZING on the dresser too. Wanna come makeover one of my rooms next???

    1. Let me finish this room first before I get distracted and never complete it!

  3. Looks great! Aren't tutorials and video's just a great tool to use when venturing out into the land of DIY!

    1. Yes they are! Never would have happened without them!

  4. What a difference! Your redo turned out great!

  5. That all turned out really cute. Good job to all of you! :)