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Awkward & Awesome


- when you guesstimate that back-to-school supplies and school shoes for three kids will cost you about $100.00 and then you actually spend $240.00. And have to tell your husband.
- that moment when you try to push your cart through the automatic store doors and they won't open, so you back up a little and try again, and then realize they're not broken,  you're just standing in front of a glass window.
- when it's your husband's birthday and you give him a card that says "happy 37 years!" and he raises his eyebrows at you and lets you know that he's 36, not 37, so you laugh at him and say "no silly, you're two years older than me and I'm about to turn 35" and he says "do the math, babe, I was born in 1977". And you realize you don't even know how old you are.

- discovering you are a whole year younger than you thought you were!
- end of summer camping trips before school starts up again... Foster Lake here we come!
- a great deal on a tent trailer for said camping trip. Meet Gertie, the newest member of our household :)

- when your five-year-old still takes afternoon naps with you. (Also, naps in general.)
Bonus: finding his fingers sweetly intertwined like so.

Happy Thursday, folks! See you after the holiday weekend.

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