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Awkward & Awesome!


- staying home with nothing to do on a Tuesday night and then seeing a picture in your instagram feed on Wednesday morning reminding you that actually you did have something to do: attend a bridal shower that you had rsvp'd to. DANG IT, MEMORY!
- Receiving these pictures of your daughter's wild fashion statements at kids camp from your camp counselor sister:
Guys. I have no words. It's like she's not even my daughter.
- that moment when you realize you just ate four homemade sugar cookies and could still go for another. (And then realizing, holy smokes, it was six.)
- putting on the final coat of paint on your daughter's dresser, mirror, & drawers that you've been working on  outside all week in beautiful weather only to have it start raining THE SECOND you apply the very last brush stroke. Cue mass panic and mayhem.

- did I mention that I refinished a dresser all on my very ownsome? Feels good! Pictures soon.
- husbands who build awesome projects like this with their kids:
- and ten year old sons who design them.
- completing Haus of Girls monthly walk/run challenge for the third month in a row. 42 miles in May, 56 in June, and now 50 in July, which I completed late last night because I embrace procrastination wholeheartedly. What I'm saying is that I'M AWESOME!! ;)
- another vacation coming up... tomorrow! We're headed to the Oregon Coast for our annual Halverson family getaway aaaand there will be much  fun and games! Woooo!

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  1. I love awkward and awesome , can't wait to hear all about camp and the tree stand is amazing !! How totally fun and something that will live on in the kids memories for the rest of their lives.