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Awkward & Awesome Thursday


- discovering that while you were away for the day your dog not only escaped out of the house and was returned by your kind neighbor, but that it escaped again, was tied up by the neighbor, escaped a third time, was searched for UP AND DOWN THE ROAD by the neighbor, and was finally tied up "so that she'd never escape it", which explains why you came home to find the dog running loose around the yard with a rope around it's neck. God bless our neighbors... and I guess we have a magician for a dog.
- admitting that you like the chicken & waffles flavored Lay's chips after everyone else tries them and hates them (as in HATES... with a deep and lasting passion) and then feeling judged for your taste buds. Whatcha gonna do?
- finally creating a separate facebook page for your blog so you can share post links without feeling like a shameless self-promoter, and then being too embarrassed to invite any of your friends to "like" it, except for your sister who you send off a quick text invite to, and next thing you know she's replying that she just invited 100 of her friends. Cue acute embarrassment.
- But the "likes" have been fun so if you feel so inclined here's the page: jodalamode on facebook (And yep, that was awkward.)

- watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding with your tween daughter while she laughs and loves it and realizing that gone are the days of having to sit through Barbie and Tinkerbell movies for mother-daughter movie nights. Hallelujah.
- Busting a gut with your husband when your daughter laughingly repeats her favorite subtitled line from the movie "I have three tentacles!" Yes. Yes, that's exactly what he said... 
- Sharing in the excitement and celebration of a sister-in-law who has just been signed by a literary agent to publish her first Christian fiction book! Many happy tears and hugs and squeals of joy. GO CARA!!
- getting invited to three weddings, three weekends in a row. (Sadly this would fit under neither awesome nor awkward in my husband's books but rather, "atrocious".)


  1. I feel your pain on the blog Facebook page thing...I felt very weird when I started one, too!! (But sisters really are the best at getting the word out on your behalf! :)

    I swung on over and "liked" your page just now. Looking forward to lots of great blog posts to come!! :)

    1. Thanks, Carrie! Glad I wasn't the only who felt that way :) And yes my sister is awesome-sauce!

  2. I would like to suggest moving "sister helps get 100 likes on your new FaceBook page" to the Awesome column!!!! You're welcome!!!

    1. 100! Wow that happened fast! Yes very awesome... thank you dear sweet good sister ;)

  3. I love that movie so much...