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What I Wore Wednesday


Be shocked and amazed... I actually have almost a whole week's worth of outfits today! 

No. 1
thrifted Lush top & Banana Republic jeans, Target sandals, Burlington scarf, yard sale purse

No. 2 
Old Navy tank top, Target skirt, Payless sandals

No. 3
Old Navy tank top, thrifted Gap skirt, Double-H cowboy boots

bought these babies on ebay! (See Monday Confessional)

No. 4 
Dress Barn dress, gifted jewelry from Mexico, Double-H boots

No. 5 
Maurice's shirt, thrifted Target dress, Target sandals, Walmart necklace

No. 6 
Maurice's shirt, Shade Clothing dress, Target sandals, Fred Meyers necklace

Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy


  1. Oh, wow! I really love ALL of your outfits this week. You look so pretty.

    That yellow dress is beautiful and your boots are fabulous. I bet you're so happy you bought them.

  2. I love the gray yellow and white skirt on #2 outfit. Gonna check out targets web site. Did you get it recently. I Came from the Pleated Poppy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Erin I bought it last year so it's probably not still around. Never hurts to check though! (Or try on ebay!)

  3. Girl you are looking SO cute this week! I can't even pick a favorite but I do love the turquoise jewelry with the yellow dress. And those boots are adorable!

  4. All of them are great but look two and six are my favorites. Love all the sunny yellow too.

    Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday! www.themummychronicles.

  5. You look so cute in all of them! I love the yellow dress. So pretty!

  6. Love outfits #2 & 6 the most. But everything is cute and I love the side braid. Such a great summer style!

  7. love those boots girrrrrrrrrlllllll!!!