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Pinterest party: mason jar lantern edition


So last night was another pinterest party night hosted by my friends Cindy & Shay and as usual off I went fully planning to take lots of pictures, only to discover I'd not just forgot my camera (again... that's zero for four now), but I hadn't even grabbed my cell phone!

Mum and her iphone to the rescue.

Here was our night's inspiration:

(both pics from pinterest, source unknown)

All you need to make the lanterns is a jar and two pieces of wire; one to put around the rim and one to make the handle.
<< Tracy, Linda, Holli, Joni, Shay, Nancy, Jana, & Jennifer >>

To color the jars you put a couple drops of food coloring in mod podge and then coat the inside of the jar.
The mod podge dries clear with just a hint of the color added (super cool, right?).

I decided to skip the color and just make the lanterns. 

And by "make" I mean I handed the jars and wire one at a time to my mother-in-law, who turned out to be quite handy with the pliers!

<< Shiree, Linley, Helen, Mum, Kelly, & Teri >>

Add sand, rocks and a votive candle and you're done! 
These are going to hang off my back porch and I think they're darling

Pinterest night success!

Past pinterest parties:


  1. Great blog Jod, cute cute pics of Teri and the lanterns came out great. A fun night.

  2. A great night indeed. My yellow lanterns are adorable. I'm so glad I was able to attend. So much fun!

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    1. No problemo! When I found the pic on pinterest and clicked on it it didn't go to your website, someone must have copied the image and then pinned it, so I didn't know the source. I just thought it was cute! Have a great day :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.