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Monday Confessional


4th of July pictures coming your way soon... because I can't help myself, as you well know. But first, a confession.

These are my Vogue sunglasses. I love them. This pic is from the kiddie parade July 3rd but I was also wearing them on the 4th (see last post) to the giant street parade.

(Yes, our town has a thing for parades.)

So here I am after the street parade - at the rodeo. In my just-purchased-slightly-uncomfortable $10 fairgrounds shades because my sunglasses mysteriously went MIA from my purse in the hour long interim between events. 

After squinting into the sun for 20 minutes and four thorough searches of my tiny cross-body bag I decided I must have left my glasses in the car, which was parked waaaaaay too far away to walk ALL THE WAY BACK TO IN THE HOT AFTERNOON HEAT, so off to the sunnies booth I went and voila, I was good to go. 

(Nice photo bomb by our friend Cassi by the way :)

After the rodeo was over we came back to the car and my glasses were nowhere to be seen. Apparently I dropped them out of my purse on the way into the fairgrounds and they were now gone forever. SO SAD! And then I came home, went to get gum out of purse, and what do you know, there they were. Inside zipper pocket (which to make matters worse wasn't even zipped shut).

ARGGGHHHH. Do you know how small my purse is? My purse that I dug through multiple times because I KNEW my sunglasses were in there? And perhaps more importantly, do you know how many elephant ears I could have bought with that ten bucks? 


My name is Jodi and I am the queen of creating my own first world problems.


  1. Bummer !! I too am sadly elephant ear deficient this year... sadness...awesome you found your glasses though.

  2. You even told me about the MIA sunglasses. Too funny! But when they were missing you were bummed. Now you have two pair.