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Monday confessional: there are things even I find strange about myself


- While most mothers would probably say their greatest fear and dread is something bad happening to their children, I have to admit that my mind doesn't usually go there. Like ever. Instead I'm the weirdo with a game plan AT ALL TIMES of the nearest tree to climb if a bear or cougar charges when I'm in any type of country/woods setting. Super productive use of brain power.

I have a tendency to get sucked into movies that I come across by accident on TV even though I already own them on dvd, so instead of watching them at a convenient time and commercial free, I sit through cut scenes and endless commercials, and sometimes even grainy reception. Silly.

- I am kind of addicted to counting. What kind of addiction is that, you ask? An odd one. I like to count things. Cars between certain way-points, tiles on a bathroom floor, squares in a french-pane window, the little dashes that make up the numbers on digital clocks... the list goes on but I'll just stop right there because they're already sounding weirder and weirder. I guess it's a simple mind game for times when I'm bored or waiting. Again, super productive use of brain power.

-  I cry at the drop of a hat over soooo many things, like sentimental commercials and movie scenes, happy story endings, amazing personal testimonies, etc. etc.  But I NEVER cry when I'm upset or have hurt feelings or am offended. It's like I'm emotional but not emotional. Is that strange?

Now of course, tell me I have to have my front tooth pulled out because the root has cracked, and I'll cry for an hour straight and act as if I've been told I have cancer or something. But really, that was three years ago and what are the odds of that happening again, right?


  1. This cracked me up, especially the last comment about your tooth.

    And, you can never be too prepared for a bear attack. Never. I'm sure of that.


  2. I also find myself counting many things ... am not admitting I do some of the other things ... But you're on your own with # 1. ;D

  3. The counting thing I do too... this is pretty much just a stall tactic.. but every morning before I get out of bed I have to count to how old I am... then if I'm really tired and need like 5 more minutes.. I say the alphabet and count to twenty in spanish... I seriously do this every day before I get out of bed..

    1. Oh my gosh, a fellow bizarro counter! That is funny :)