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Late night blogging from Sunriver (land of most excellent vacations) so I'm gonna keep this short!

Rockin' my third day hair while driving kids (and dogs) around. I'm the queen of the summer messy bun!

Summer nights are the best for meeting friends at the track to walk/run/ok mostly walk.
Currently at 28 miles this month.

I'm a sucker for anything with the words BBQ and PULLED and these little sliders from C'est La Vie were as delicious as they look. 

Family game night! Made even better by peanut butter and chocolate chip crescent rolls warm from the oven.

New braces! Looking happy because the pain hasn't hit yet!

My Mom's Notes girls! Shay, Joni, Tricia, Amy, Cassi, and Kourtney. Missing Jana & Cristy (and myself).
Between the 9 of us we have 26 kids, and one on the way! We meet once a month and it's my favorite.

Vacation hoy! We hit the road today with these three cuties in the back seat.

Russell and I pounded coffee in solidarity before taking off... four hours in a car with three kids? We can do this!

And we made it just fine :) Happy weekend!


  1. Peanut chocolate chip crescent rolls?! Do tell!

    1. Pillsbury crescent rolls spread with peanut butter and a small handful of chocolate chips before rolling up and baking as directed on the package, and then dusted with powdered sugar when they come out of the oven. Easy peasy!

  2. yay for vacation! great post:)

  3. Yes the crescent rolls look amazing!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. What a perfect game night snack. Your vacation looks so fun.