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Holy cow I have a motherload of instagram shots to share today! I keep thinking our summer is going nice and slow until I look at the pictures I've taken of all our summer shenanigans... sure makes it look a lot more full!

Nothing like Oregon berries... this was all made into delicious freezer jam - my fave.

I completed the #56milesinjune challenge, and promptly started the July challenge of 50 miles!
I need motivation to workout and for some reason this does it for me. 

More swimming at Grandma's

Love my summer buddy!

Field of flags tribute in our small town over the Fourth of July

Our smoothie maker is out again and we are making good use of it!

My favorite coffee drive-thru, especially on $2 Tuesday!

Picking new paint for this cute girl's room

And the room makeover begins! 
(How to learn to let go of your perfectionism: let an almost 12 year old help paint. Yiiiikes.)

This one's always dirty

Kendall got contacts! She looooves them so far. Next week? Braces!

After discovering we had a flat tire when we came out of the eye center, we decided to celebrate (the new contacts, not the flat tire) with some froyo conveniently located across the street while waiting for roadside assistance :)

where I'm at so far this month... not great progress but I'm gonna keep trudging along!

We were blessed with a whole bucket of fresh picked blueberries this week!
My freezer is now full and so are our bellies :) Mmmmm, blueberries!

When forts take over your kitchen...

Last night: left for grocery shopping with Mum at 4 pm. This pic was taken at 10:30 pm. We are the world's slowest shoppers!
Also, I blame Target. 

Have a great weekend! 

life rearranged


  1. YAY Target, $2 coffees, and swimming. It looks like your summer is fantastic!

  2. you didn't tell me kendall was getting contacts! That's great!