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Sunriver (Yes I'm still talking about it)


Hey did I mention last week that we went on a vacation to Sunriver? ;) I mean before I dropped off the face of the earth? 

(Blogcation. It's a thing.)

Well I'm back with pictures. OH YES. A LOT. 

^^Is Emily not the cutest?!!^^
^^Sure, we may look relaxed. In truth we just biked a mile and a half uphill to Fort Rock Park and we can't walk^^
(Please excuse Blake's sad "I don't want to go home" face... it's what I was doing on the inside...)

And thus concludes another year of vacationing with our favorite friends in Central Oregon!
Until next year, Sunriver!

1 comment:

  1. The pool had really fun stuff in it, I would have had a blast too. Loved all the recap pics, but especially love the pic of you and Kendall .