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Awkward and awesome!


- Daughter needs braces. Daughter gets separators in back teeth in preparation. Separator falls out so daughter tries to jam it back in place and pushes it down too far. Gum eats separator. Dr. has to perform minor surgery to remove it and reassures daughter, "don't worry, do you know how many times I've had this happen during my practice? ...NEVER. This is the very first time!"
- Waking up (on a semi-regular basis) to find your arms raised straight up in the air towards the ceiling, one arm gently stroking the inside of the other from your wrist to your elbow with the tips of your fingers because it tickles. IN YOUR SLEEP. What the heck, arms?!!
- Waking up to find yourself in the middle of the above sleep escapade at women's retreat, in a room with three other women. Because that's not incredibly strange looking or anything...
- Getting caught by the kids eating secretly hoarded New Zealand white chocolate that you don't want to share so you quickly stuff it down the side of your chair while they try to guess what that white square they thought they saw was... "was it those white cheez-it crackers?" Well it did look kinda like that so you answer, "that would be an excellent guess!" because you couldn't have thought of a better one yourself!

- Sunriver vacay. It's happening tomorrow!!!
- Oregon without rain for weeks and weeks. It's a summer miracle!
- Husband's latest summer project with the kids: building a treestand/fort down at the river for the kids to play in/him to bow hunt from. Every afternoon he comes home, packs up the kids and tools, and goes down to the river for 2 or 3 hours, leaving this mama all to herself!
- Early rising children who know the TV has to go off when mama gets up in the morning so they stay as quiet as church mice with the volume down low to make it last as long as possible... could I even have it any better?!
- Did I mention Sunriver? Tomooooorrrooooow!


  1. I am totally swiping the Tv off when mom gets up. I think it could gain me a n extra 30 minutes of sleep!

  2. So funny. I hide M&M's all the time.

    Hope your daughter is doing is doing ok! I bet she felt bad.

  3. What the heck arms is right! Perhaps the mystery of the disappearing eyebrows is being solved... I blame your arms and your hands at night, while you're sleeping!! Maybe you sleep tweeze ;)

    1. hahaha! I laughed out loud! I wouldn't put it past them... sneaky things!! ;)

  4. Sadly we are now out of Nestles milky bar chocolate ... Sigh .. It was fun while it lasted , on a happier note... Long live vacation.!!!

  5. Alyson KuklinskiJuly 18, 2013 at 9:41 PM

    Have you seen that Whittaker's have released a White Chocolate & L&P Bar....i haven't tried it yet but maybe yum? Check it out on their FB page (i dont know how to add the link here sorry) & then you can add some to your list for your next lot of NZ goodies :)

    1. Ummm, done and done!! Thanks for the tip!

    2. no worries :) i posted one to my sister in Ireland as a surprise, she was so excited to get it!! i've still yet to try it but maybe next week it'll be back at the shops, is really popular!