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10 on Tuesday


1. I just realized that I passed my blog anniversary... 12 days ago. It's been three years now, how crazy. I don't really have any profound thoughts about it, just that I like to blog and that's why I keep on doing it!

2. Blake threw up yesterday - without warning - in the backseat of the car. In times like these I like to call Russ at work and tell him how lucky he is to NOT be home cleaning puke out of a seat belt, booster seat, floor and door, which helps make up for all the times he comes home to find me in the middle of an afternoon nap.

3. Kendall and I are in the middle of her bedroom makeover that I have been somewhat attempting to photograph along the way so I can do a fun before/after post when it's all finished. I say "somewhat" because I keep forgetting to take before pictures. Including pictures of her room before we took everything out to paint, pictures of her old wall color, and today, pictures of her dresser before we took the hardware off to refinish it. I did remember once we had the dresser outside ready to sand, and asked Kendall to go grab my camera for me. She took a couple of shots but I decided *I* needed to do it and asked her to move the mirror she had leaned in front of the dresser to the side.

And then this happened.
and Kendall burst into her ugly cry.

4. I don't think I was cut out to be a DIY project blogger.

5. my cousin Dylan is being deployed to Bahrain next month as part of the Marine Reserves and we had a big family BBQ send-off for him this past weekend. Go Marines! (You better believe I immediately googled everything there is to know about Bahrain the second we came back home, including studying a picture map of the naval base he'll be stationed on. I can now tell you all SORTS of useful information about the island nation. Like, it's hot there!)

6. Cooper had decided he MUST run a lemonade stand before summer is over and will not let the idea go. I've been dragging my feet like crazy because we live out in the sticks so we have to find somewhere to do it and then I have to supervise, and frankly it all just sounds like effort to me, but I can't say no because who doesn't love an entrepreneur? The big day is happening this week. I'm still working on my attitude.

7. Lemonade stands aside, I'm one of those obnoxious people that thinks almost everything even slightly entertaining is REALLY FUN and then almost gets offended if other people don't think the same thing is as fun as I do. ("What?! You didn't love that movie/place/activity/game/book/trip/grocery shopping adventure... what's wrong with you?!!")

Recently I've discovered Kendall is the same way and I love that we have this in common! Yes darling, please tell me every single minute detail of your awesome church kids camp that you loved every second of and thought was the MOST FUN EVER. It took her an hour. I ate it all up. (And then Russ thanked me afterwards because Kendall lost him seven minutes in.)

8. My candy crush addiction continues. You know it's bad when your children ask what level you're now on and then roll their eyes at you because you've reached level 200. Shoot, even I'm rolling my eyes at myself.

9. As I type this post (possibly in the wee hours of the night) deer are crunching apples from our fruit trees QUITE loudly right outside our open bedroom window. Kinda cool, mostly freaky sounding. I'm definitely going to close the window now.

10. Good night! (Actually, good morning :)


  1. Congrats on three years!!! Also, stink on the mirror, and most importantly, I AM EXACTLY THE SAME WAY WITH THE ENTHUSIASM THING!! I mean, what's wrong with everyone else?!?

    Ps. Bummer on the car puke. Nothing worse.

    1. Haha... glad I'm not the only one!

  2. Love the side by side pics of outfits, just like the magazines only better because I know you.
    Too bad about the mirror, but they are everywhere at garage sales. Tell me the size and I'll keep an eye out.
    Kendall's youth camp, I got to hear a little of Debbie's but miss not getting to hear all those first rushes, but as a grama, don't usually have to clean up much puke anymore. Just Beaker's cast offs. He really likes to throw anything and everything off the top of his cage. I think he likes to hear the sound, or maybe the sound of our feet crunching on his cast offs. When are you going to write the next Anne of Green Gables type novel?
    I will buy some lemonade...and.....I have friends who do drive-bys, Just tell us where to head the granny-mobile.
    Give em all a hug, see you this weekend. Grama T

  3. I'm playing catch up .. Did the Lemonade thing happen yet ?! P.s guess who is home :D

    1. postponed to next week due to a rainy day!