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we like each other


Thursday we celebrated our 14th anniversary (a week late) with another rousing edition of "let's do everything fun we can think of!"

It goes like this:
- drop off kids at Mike & Linley's (cool cousin babysitters) right after lunch for an overnight stay
- hit up Dutch Bros. for a white mocha fix
- do a little shopping
- undress for a relaxing hour long couple's massage
- get pedicures together
- eat dinner and dessert at a new-to-us restaurant (Cypress! Yummy and intimate)
- drive to the mall for a movie (Now You See Me)
- get crazy and go see a second movie right after the first (After Earth)
- take your tired and happy selves home to a quiet and child free house and sleep in the next morning before picking up the kids, and possibly a second round of white mochas :)

And like always, we had an absolutely fantastic and amazing time. My top tip for enjoying your anniversary celebration? Be each others best friend. Then you'll always have fun together no matter what you're doing. It's worked amazingly well for us :)


  1. That sounds amazing!! Isn't it funny how what you want to do to celebrate your anniversaries gets different as you get more anniversaries?!? Glad you had a great time!

  2. How did you like the movie? We saw it 2 weeks ago with some friends and we LOVED it!

  3. Ooops! Should have said we saw Now You See Me. (Haven't seen the other one.)

    1. I really enjoyed it! After Earth too, actually, but I liked Now You See Me best!