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The return of superwoman


Well look who's back!
I would just like to brag on my mother, who is finally home (never to leave for months at a time again if I have my way) from her backpacking adventure.

She completed her life's dream... hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail (all 2,660 miles) SOLO. 1500 miles last summer and the remainder this spring/summer.
Taking off at the Mexican border back in April

Summiting Mt. Whitney - the highest mountain in the continental U.S. (14,505 ft.)

Crossing Forester Pass, the highest point of the Pacific Crest Trail

One of almost 2000 pictures she took along the way

Reaching Hwy 49 near Sierra City, CA - the point where she started last summer and hiked all the way to Canada

Excited that she DID IT!!!

She is amazing.


(And skinny. Really, really skinny.)

Oh the stories she had to share. Rattle snakes, bears, treacherous water crossings, broken equipment, high winds, storms and snow, desert heat, caring and friendly people, new friends, breathtaking beauty, sharing the love of her Savior and feeling His presence and protection the entire time.

What an adventure. What a superwoman.

A very thin and brown superwoman :)


  1. Glad your mum is back home with you guys! It will be fun to have her back and hear all her stories. Glad for you all. :)

  2. Carol, sometime soon, around a cuppa or a campfire, if you want to share, I will be your willing audience for some of your trail stories.

  3. What an inspiration! She IS amazing!

  4. She really IS Wonder Woman!! Glad she's back safe and sound.