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The Great Sheep Experiment comes to an end


Well, almost end.

We are selling our dear sheepies.

I know. You're all sad and sorrowful over this news. I'm sorry.

I'm sad too. But when it comes down to the sheep or the yard, I choose the yard. Or more specifically, a flower-filled, poop-free yard. Where children can run free between the trampoline and pool and back inside again without being yelled at to check their feet.

(Miley misses the yard too. She would also like to run free without being chased back inside toot sweet by the yard bullies.)

So did the great sheep experiment work?

Not how we wanted it to. Russell will tell you the sheep "thinned" the grass greatly but the truth is we probably needed to double our flock to have enough to keep the lawn short... it still required mowing. It was definitely a fun experiment though and I'm truly glad we've had them for the last couple of months.

I will miss watching them and laughing at their shenanigans. We all will.

(I might not miss this guy, he's kinda ornery.)

We do still plan to get sheep again, we just need to wait until after our Christmas trees are harvested so we can keep them in pastures instead of our yard.

So thus ends another harebrained husband idea Halverson family adventure!

Don't worry, there's sure to be more ;)


  1. Ohhhh, sad to see the cute little guys and gals go. I laughed at the crossed out hairbrained husband idea. It did sound like a fun learning experience and (kinda) made me want to get a couple. However, we have our hands filled with lots of little doggies right now so let the poop scooping begin!

  2. I agree with Anonymous. I've tried for years to get a VGA loan so I can get my top bezel on a webcam ??????

    1. Dang spam comments! I was a little late deleting that one :)

  3. Okay what's a 'bezel' and when you get big sheep we want to sign up for kabobs...or ka BABs depending on what part of the world you are from...:)

  4. Awww... well they are going to good homes right?? they won't end up like someones dinner right?

    1. two lambs are going to our dentist's assistant who wants them as pets, not to eat. The others we haven't got buyers for yet so I can't make any promises... but since they are usually bred for their wool hopefully they'll all live long and happy lives :)

    2. In my mind they all live to a ripe old age just like all animals.. that hamburger on my plate? yeah.. died of old age... shame...

  5. A sort of sad,... but happy for you to have your yard back and be poop free Hallelujah. Sheep in their own paddock is a way better plan. :D