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Summer break has commenced


Every year when the kids get out of school for the summer I'm all, "let's get this party START-ED!". Basically I love summer vacation. Love, love, love.

I feel like ALL the fun happens in summer: warm baseball nights, vacations, 4th of July, swimming down at the river, SLEEPING IN, eating fresh-from-the-garden veggies, staying up late, yard sales, camping out, WARM WEATHER, going to the beach, kids camps, shaved ice, pool parties, barbecues, SLEEPING IN, birthday parties (three of ours are in August), and I could go on and on but you get the point.

(The point being SLEEPING IN.)

Here's a little start/end of school comparison of the kids:

For our teacher's gifts this year the kids and I baked white chocolate cranberry scones as gifts and the kids made cards:
(The inside of Cooper's card finishes with a Giant letter B and says "a Big card with Big letters from your Biggest fan".)

The two scones in the front wrapped with a ribbon were from Kendall for her Aunt Kelly, who came in her class for the last period every day to teach History. The scones were still warm at bedtime last night so I did the packaging after the kids were in bed. 

This led to the unfortunate turn of events in which the kids woke up this morning and, seeing them on the table, thought I'd wrapped them as a special surprise for them to have for breakfast for the last day of school and ATE THEM.

Oh children. Thankfully I HAD saved them a scone each, right on the kitchen counter covered in wax paper, So we did a little re-wrapping and all was well.

Onwards, summer! 

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  1. Cute Jod, the scones sound rely good. Course ALL food sounds really good right now ; D