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Monday Confessional - thank you, i mean it!


I am OFFICIALLY the worst thank you card sender in the world. I mean, I'm terrible. Terrible at sending them myself and terrible at having my children write and give thankyous out as well. I always mean to do it. But you know, procrastination. It's my thing.

So Cooper and Blake celebrated their birthdays in March and what is it now, June or something? And I swore that we'd do them this time!

Enter Tiny Prints. I was offered a chance to try their products and didn't immediately ignore this offer like I do others because they are part of Shutterfly, and have you ever printed a photobook on Shutterfly? They're awesome. So anyway, I thought I'd actually check out Tiny Prints custom card options and, DARLING.

Check it:

So I ordered Cooper and Blake their own custom cards and we set to work. And being as that their birthdays were a full THREE MONTHS AGO, work it was, trying to remember who came and what they were given!

(Don't be like me.)

Blake signed his own name at the bottom of each note and colored in the names on the envelopes. Cooper added a personal note to each card and a doodle of some sort because boy's a crazy doodler.
All done! Coop got his handed out before school ended the week before last, and Blake's were all ready to hand out to his little friends at church two Sundays ago. Then we forget them at home, and there they sat on my dining room table for a full week, staring at me.

Until yesterday! When we got all but one handed out! With a small reminder that three months ago there had been this birthday party... remember?

(Don't be like me.)

(p.s. Thank you Tiny Prints for the awesome cards!)
(p.p.s. so I guess it's "the rules" to include some type of disclosure if you are sent something for free in exchange for blogging about it? *Disclosure alert* I got my cards for free!!! Yaaaay freeeeee!)


  1. While a Thank you card is a nice gesture, a smile and hug is always much better. I don't think I would ever notice or think about it if I never got another Thank you card in my life? However, I'm a guy, and cards are probably a girl thing? Anyway, I wouldn't beat myself up for not sending them out. Do some people actually remember or expect them?

    1. I never expect them but some people are very good at doing them, and having their kids do them (every single time! Tricia L. Halverson!) and then I feel like I should too! Silly me. It is a dying art but I think I'll feel guilty if I don't teach my kids the concept at least!

  2. OMG I love the Avengers ones!! TOO cute. My boyfriend would die if he saw these. He loves his superheroes! lol.