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Interpreting Blake


How to interpret Blake's often peculiar way of talking...

a blower = someone who smokes ("Mom, remember when we met that blower on Grandma's road?")
a long time ago, except not that long = yesterday
"that place that you're going to tell them not to put ketchup on my cheeseburger" = Wendy's
I blessed = I sneezed ("I just blessed a whole bunch of times, Mom")
an overall = an oval
football field persons = football players (obviously)
our chuthers = each other ("we're eating the same thing as our chuthers!")
the junk = the dump ("I know where robbers live, Mom. At the junk!")

Sometimes it takes a while to interpret what Blake means even when he's not using made-up words...
(Conversation with Blake after he struggled with the driveway gate for a couple of minutes, trying to get it to shut right so it would latch)
Me: Good job for not getting frustrated and giving up, Bud, I'm proud of you!
Blake: thanks. I'm like a snake.
Me: huh?
Blake: you know, that snake whose egg gets stolen and it never gives up. The cobra.
Me: huh?
Blake: you know! On the movie with Blue! The cobra never gives up until it gets its egg back!
Me: HUH?!!
Blake: YOU KNOOOOW... with Blue! And the boy who is a fox.
Me (after some brain-racking): Do you mean Baloo? And Mowgli... the boy raised by wolves? In The Jungle book?
Blake: Yeah! That movie!
Me: I don't remember the snake having an egg... 
Blake: Yes, she does. I'm sure.
Me: Okaaaaay.

And that's where I gave up because I got the point. He's like a snake that never gives up. AWESOME.


  1. Bahaha!! Oh BlKe you make me laugh. We REALLY need to video tape our boys talking!!!

    1. Silly iPad... I mean Blake! I swear I do know how to spell his name!

  2. hee hee hee...I was sure he was talking about ...hmmm...was it ...Horton Hatches the Egg?..elephant 'snake' faithful 100%, but I'm good with Mogli