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Today started out with a barfing child and ended with swimming at Grandma's in almost 90 degree heat (with no barfing, in case you can't tell that I'm saying the day got a lot better THANK YOU JESUS). 

Who's loving summer? We are, WE ARE!

Movie date with my boys.
(We saw Epic. Without Kendall. To say that she was mortally offended at this slight would be an understatement. But she has seen it now, so all's good!)

Rainy baseball night in the "hen house" with my girls. Love them all!

How daddy does haircuts.

Almost at 56 miles for the month!

Blake at swim lessons - his first lessons ever - after which he told me with disgust in his voice, "I can't even swim yet!" Oh bud, it takes more than a single time through level one I'm sorry to say.

Last game of the year! Love them handsome Halverson men.

Closing out Costco with Mum, who accompanied me grocery shopping SANS kids! Double bonus.

After her 2 month hike in boots with gators, this is what her legs look like - I laughed every time I looked down at them :)

Blake got new goggles and wore them half the day. With a ski hat. 

New pool toys at Grandma and Papa's bumped up the awesome value x 10.


Enjoy the weekend!

life rearranged


  1. Blake in the goggles and ski hat is priceless, pool pics came out awesome.. Good job Coop! ...and you look very cute in your work out cap too.

  2. Such fun pictures! Looks like a great week. Your mom's legs are priceless. I won't complain about my farmer's tan anymore!

    Hope you have a great Sunday.