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I always dream in color


Recently I have become one of those people whose dreams are directly affected by whatever they just watched or did the evening before. (Hi Grandma, I've joined your club!)

My dreams have always been nonsensical (borderline psychotic actually), and it turns out that having a theme doesn't change that!

Here are just a few I've had lately:

After watching an Episode of Breakout Kings on Netflix: I dreamed that my boyfriend and I were on the run from the law. In a mining wagon. Hanging from a ski lift. My boyfriend (no idea who he was) was injured and curled up in a ball bleeding while I was trying to call someone for help on a cell phone that I couldn't unlock. Dang cell phones! It's a little hazy after that but I don't believe things ended well for us.

After watching Cooper's baseball game and posting instagram shots of the game along with all the other moms: I dreamed Cooper's coach's wife kept posting instagram pictures with new technology that would make them pop up life-sized in front of me like a hologram with a SUPER annoying beeping sound to alert me. Turns out the beeping was husband's alarm clock going off (also super annoying.)

After watching Call the Midwife: I dreamed a mother had a newborn baby that was leaking meconium out the back of it's neck and I didn't know how to save it. We also happened to be in one of the twin towers in New York City at the time that the airplane hit, but we got out in time, thanks to the unlikely help of Kim Kardashian.

I swear I'm not making this up. My dreams are THAT weird and disturbing.

(Well I guess technically my brain IS making this stuff up, subconsciously. Seriously though, what the heck?!!)

I dream in the daytime too...

After having a "discussion" over the phone with Russell about when exactly he planned for us to celebrate our wedding anniversary around his busy summer league basketball schedule: I took a nap and dreamed that I caught my sister sneaking in the french doors of our master room. She was trying to deliver Russ's anniversary gift for me and hide it in there... it was a giant rub-on wall decal of the pi symbol to decorate Cooper's room.

(This is actually a pretty good example of why expectations can be so harmful in a marriage. I woke up FURIOUS at my husband for such a lame-o gift and realized dude, holding onto some resentment there, self? Sheesh.)

(I also appear to subconsciously be slightly concerned about the rate our son is headed into full-blown nerd-dom... which is why this dream cracked me up after my bitterness at my husband wore off ;)

Oh dreams, they are WEIRD BUSINESS, right?!


  1. You must sleep on your back.? My husband can no longer sleep on his back because of his highly disturbing dreams.

    1. I do... i've never heard of sleep position having anything to do with dreams though!

  2. nerds are awesome! Just look at Erik!!! I love me one good looking nerd!:)

    1. Yes nerds are super awesome! The world needs nerds!!

  3. Wow Jod, that fact that you can recall your dreams so well is also slightly disturbing ;D

  4. I love this blog post for SO MANY REASONS! So, so, SOOO funny, but Kim Kardashian saving you from the twin towers however... now that really is psychotic!!

    And every time I see or hear about Cooper taking another step into the science nerd world... I get that nervous feeling like I'm about five years behind from that. I see the future, and it's melancholy!!!

    1. Hahaha, that last sentence made laugh, as did your text about your husband's lost shirt: "melancholy cloud alert!" Hehe, we love our melancholys :)