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Father's day ball game


This is what we did for Father's day:

And this is how it happened:
First, the kids made Russ a questionable breakfast of salty scrambled eggs, a pear fruit cup, and a glass of pink lemonade. (This is Russell's fake thrilled face).

And then they surprised him with a certificate saying "We're taking you out to the ball game!" and this is his for real thrilled face.

So off we went to Volcanoes Stadium to watch the Volcanoes play the Hillsboro Hops, along with Grandpa Duke, my dad, my brother, and my sister and her family as well. 

 Our first time at a professional baseball game!

Testing their throwing speed... 69, 35, and 25 mph, respectively.

We love our dad! 

It was a really fun and special day, which is what I was hoping for. And Red Robin for a late-night dinner and dessert afterwards? Icing on the cake ;)

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  1. Jodi I LOVE all the pics, awesome one of you and Dad, and the 3 guys too great one with you kids with Dad too, thanks for that. Thought the speed throw shots were pretty cool too. ( I'd have been excited about the stop off at Red Robin too ;D