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An instagrammy Sunday post


Lame title, I know. But as my other option was "an instagram heavy post" I thought I'd just go with it and move on. 

What I have for you today is a whoooole bunch of  cell phone snapshots from the past couple of weeks, because I feel a strange need to document every little thing that goes on in my life and then share it on multiple social media outlets.

So here's what's been going on... but with VERY BRIEF CAPTIONS. (You know, in case that makes it better.)
How to shop for hours at the Goodwill with a small child: stock up the cart with toys and refill every half hour or so as needed.
Kendall begged for a makeover. We're in trouble. 
At the dentist where cool shades make it all the more exciting! We love the dentist!!
A boy after his mother's heart. A blanket and a book is all you really need. 

Cross-dressing cousins. It's hard to explain exactly how this happened. Or why.
Farmer Russ feeding his sheep. Oh how he loves them.
What Miley does 90% of the day, no matter where she is in the house. 
Girls night! At Manzana's in Lake Oswego. Yum.

6th grade field trip to Oaks Park. Total blast and it only rained for half an hour, which as we all know as Oregonians counts as a huge success!
(That boy is Kendall's cousin. Otherwise I'd be all, "step off, sir!")

Finished the 52 miles in May challenge at 42 miles. 
Ate a key lime cheesecake donut from Krispy Kreme to celebrate.
Made yummy stew because it was raining. Again.
Then started the June challenge of 56 miles... So You Think You Can Dance is going to help me get through!

Spent Saturday garage saleing with Kendall, Blake and my mother-in-law and had QUITE the successful  & fun day!
See those men's shirts? Bought them for Russ for .50 cents each in perfect condition, looked them up online when i got home (Helly Hansen and Dakota Grizzly brand) and they retail for $60-$70 bucks each! SCORE. 
Also bought myself a cute new swimsuit (at a store, not a garage sale) on a total whim because each piece was on sale for $10.99 and it felt like the right thing to do.
Received a surprise package in the mail from a blog reader congratulating me on my weight loss! People are just amazing. I was so soooo blessed. Sarah has a little shop called Limemade designs and sent me a handmade coin purse and headband. Sweet, no? 

And believe it or not, I'm done! Phew, getting all those pictures off my chest makes me feel better :)


  1. I made it on your blog! How cool am I?!? Super cool, I tell you!! Anyways way to go Jodi! You're rockin it!

    1. hahaha, this made me laugh. Nothing to do with my blog of course, but you ARE cool beans!!

  2. Jod, can't help but crack up at the cousin cross dress up, laughed out loud several times and still can't be sure ... But it must be Kendall to the left... Still totally threw me . Blake's face is priceless, you'll have to print out a copy for me...still smiling. Love it.

  3. Can I just say your kids have perfectly lovely faces? I'm not eve exaggerating!! :)

    52 miles?? I'm tired just thinking about that! Great job! :)

  4. I have to know...where is that suit from?

    1. Kmart! I stopped in for graduation cards and spotted it.