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10 things on thursday


It's been a while since I've done one of these... let's get random!

1. Today is Blake's last day of swim lessons, which I've been taking him to daily for the last two weeks. Based on the fact that he started out strong jumping in all on his own off the platform, and has now regressed to crouching on the side of the pool with his arms stretched out to hold the teachers hands before stepping in, I'm not really sure how much progress I've seen... but he's loving it and we get a free swim coupon when he's done so I'll take it.

2. Last night was Cooper's last baseball game of the season. His team made it to the pre-county playoffs and lost. To which I texted my sister-in-law the following message: "We lost! Hallelujah :)" Sorry, but c'mon, it's practically July. Baseball has to end sometime.

3. Our sheep all sold in one fell swoop last weekend. Me and the kids were out at the time so didn't get to say goodbye, which I think actually made it easier on the kids. Since then we have been a tiny bit sad but mostly all rejoicing in the fact that our driveway gate can stay open and no one has to jump out of the car every time we leave or return.

4. Candy Crush Saga. You know your level of addiction is high when you actually mention it in your journal writing during devotion times. (Mainly to look back at one day and laugh at yourself, but still). - Mom used to bake cookies with me. Now she plays Candy Crush, so I pretty much raise myself.

5. I am loving our summer hours - the kids have successfully converted to the sleeping hours of 10 pm to 9 am (with an earlier bedtime for Blake unless he's had a nap that day) and I'm back to my favorite routine of staying up till midnight or 1 am and sleeping in till 8 or 9 am myself. I function very well this way and have a daytime routine/chore chart written out for the kids that makes our days pretty smooth when we're not out and about for the day. Not that things are perfect of course (see item #4). 

6. Since Mum's return last Saturday I've hung out with her every day except one. I missed that woman!

7. Russell and I are watching a little bit of Braveheart each night on Netflix before bed (that's a dang long film!) and while it's always been one of my favorites, I forgot why it's so very deserving of it's R rating! Sheesh with the nakey boobs and flashing Scotsman behinds! 

8. It's been cool and rainy almost daily for the past couple of weeks so I am not going to complain about this forecast:

9. Counting today I have 4 days left this month to finish the #56milesinjune challenge. I'm at 43 miles (FORTY THREE MILES!) so thats... hang on I need a calculator... 3.25 miles per day to make it. Doable. I'm going for it. 

10. During the writing of of this post, I have taken two Candy Crush breaks. I AM SAD.


  1. Fellow candy crush addicts unite... and then abandon writing all comments because we MUST BEAT THIS DARN LEVEL!!!! Love you sis and your addictions!!!

    1. Hehehe, it's all your fault I started that dastardly game!

  2. I haven't started Candy Crush yet, but I am SO tempted. I know myself and I'll majorly addicted though.

    Glad those sheep sold and it hasn't been too hard on the kids. Congrats on your mileage. That's a LOT of miles! Very inspiring.


    1. Thanks, Fringegirl! And you are wise to stay away from the game! Resist!!!

  3. You got this 56 miles challenge girl!! Go go go!!