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What I Wore Wednesday


I didn't realize it until putting this post together, 
but it is now apparent that I may be a little overboard on the whole stripes thing. 

I swear I didn't do this on purpose.

#1 Pink stripes
Target blouse & jeans, thrifted cropped cardy & sandals

#2 Blue & orange stripes
Old Navy tee ($6 bucks!), Miley Cyrus & Max Azria jeans from Walmart, Madden Girl sandals

#3 Blue stripes
Maurice's dress, birthday gift bracelet

#4 Green stripes
People's Liberation shirt from Maurice's, Old Navy dress, Payless sandals

#5 What? No stripes?! Miracle!
clothes swap Maurice's tee, shorts made by me from old gaucho pants, Payless sandals

Statement of the obvious: I heart stripes. The end. 

Happy Wednesday!
pleated poppy


  1. Love me some stripes....and a good chambray shirt. ;)

  2. Wow that sure is a lot of stripes but I'd say that's a good thing! One of my favourite looks is stripes. I love the green and white stripe dress and stripes look cool with pink

  3. You look amazing in stripes!! Love the pink and blue tops :-)
    Would love to have you for trending pretty linkup this week if you'd like :-)

  4. lol. I love stripes too!

    That maxi dress is gorgeous. Looks fabulous on you.

    I always like your outfits.

  5. I love stripes so much. All so cute :)

  6. Number 3 &4 are my favorites!

    Link up for Watcha Wearing Wednesday

  7. Ha :) Well you look good in stripes girl!! I especially love the green and white striped dress with the chambray shirt. Cute look!

  8. Loving all those stripes! I'm a fellow stripes addict!

  9. I love stripes, too! And those are all great striped pieces. There are even some quasi-stripes on the last t-shirt, in the sunset.

  10. Ha ha. I was going to say the same as Amanda - I think that sunset has stripes all over ir and you should just proudly say 'I had a whole week of stripiness - yay for me!'. Thanks for sharing.

    Fur Earwig