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Thursday thanks


It's Thursday and hardly any awkward things have happened to me so far this week! Well done, self.

(Although today I'm off to Oaks Park amusement park with Kendall's 6th grade class and who knows what might happen...)

So instead of an awkward and awesome post, I'm just going to list a few things I'm thankful for right now.

- Only 5 more school days until summer break. Hallelujah.
- our new back door and vinyl windows in the kitchen. I think our house is 10 degrees warmer already! (Which is a good thing, we're in a cold spell.)
- Only 2 more days of the 52 miles in May challenge (counting today). 52 miles in a month is hard! I'm currently at 38 miles so it's pretty safe to say I'm going to come up short, but like I posted on instagram, 38 is still a lot of miles and I feel good about it!
- Call the Midwife on Netflix. It's no Downton Abbey but I'm enjoying it all the same!
- My kindle. I've been a binge and purge reader for the last couple of years and I'm glad to say after an especially long stint without picking it up I'm in a total book binge right now! Yeah, reading!
- 6th graders who can do their own school projects without assistance.

Kendall had to make a diorama of a scene from a book she read and created this orthodontist office all on her own. (With a tray of tools next to the chair and a sink in the corner. Cute.)
- Aaaaannnddd, last but not least, I would be remiss to not mention something white chocolate related. My newest favorite? White chocolate kit kat bars. HEAVEN.


  1. Love the diorama. Great job!

    Holy cow, that's a lot of miles. Are you biking? Walking or running?? I'm not sure I could log in half those miles. You're challenging me to do more. For sure.


  2. Yay for getting your miles in! I am a total "book binge-er" too. I just read Code Name Verity (fiction) and it was AMAZING!!! In a major binge right now. I think I'm in denial that kids will be home all day soon! ;)