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The sheep are still here


I've had a couple of questions about our sheep and how they are doing so I'm here with your update.

They are alive and well.

They have eaten every last flower in every single one of my flower gardens.

Including my lilies, peonies, iris bulbs, old garden roses, lambs ear, rose campion, and anything else that manages to bloom for half a second. Except the bleeding hearts, they don't seem to care for those.


Yes, I'm incredibly bitter.

They have also developed a strong hatred towards our dog Miley and enjoy nothing more than chasing her around and around the house until she crawls under our front porch and hides.

Last week when this was happening Miley made the mistake of jumping up on the front porch and whining outside the front door to be let in. Before we could do that though Rusty jumped up on the porch right behind her and gave her a mighty ramming into the door.

Miley is now afraid to go outside.

So you see, we've raised a herd of flower-eating dog bullies that literally run the yard.

And we love them. Well, 4/5 of our family loves them. I have more of a love/hate relationship thing going on.

It's just that they're so darned cute to watch! The babies especially, are hilarious. And they all come running each time Russ calls them like he's the pied piper or something and then he sits with them and I have to yell out the kitchen window and remind him that he has a real family inside too. ;)

Raising sheep is addicting.


  1. Wow. Your poor dog...too funny. They must be tons of fun to watch. Are they nice to you and your kids?

    My daughter wants a goat. It's in these moments that I'm glad I live in town. ;-)


    1. Oh yes they are not mean to us at all. Just the very small dog ;)

  2. Awww... poor Miley!!! but they are super cute.. except the one with the horns.. hes a little scary... I don't blame Miley for staying inside...

  3. "flower-eating dog bullies" Haha! :)

    It just looks so idyllic, it's hard to believe that they ate your garden! Sorry about that!

    Oh, and I'm totally hooked on the Candy Crush Saga now... I didn't get the appeal at first, but it's about the competition, huh? :)

  4. Oh Jod, that was too funny..poor Miley though. Still sorry about your flowers honey...we need to think in the rhelm of a garden fence perhaps.