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Bit of a slow week since returning from the coast last weekend... it's been nice! But it makes for a rather boring week of instagramming I'm sorry to say...

On Mother's day Kendall played with my hair for two hours while I watched the Survivor finale. I could not think of a more perfect gift... I was purring

My quest to conquer Couch to 5K continues... with a little help from Call the Midwife (set up in front of my treadmill) and some delicious raspberry & rhubarb pie that needed working off!

Blake takes creeping to new levels. 

Nursery duty Wednesday night. Made easy by Kendall and her friends coming in to play with the littles and put on a puppet show. 

Cooper pitched for the first time at last night's baseball game and it was ridiculous how nervous I was for him! Being the center of attention is his least favorite thing in the world so we were so proud of him for holding it together (for the most part) when he walked a couple of players and we could tell he wanted to burst into tears. He went out on a high note though... he caught a line drive hit that went right to him for the last out of the game!

We found this vintage 7-up gallon jug under our front porch this week when we started tearing it up to be replaced. Cool, no? I love old things!

We have some dismal weather in the forecast for this weekend (and the foreseeable future actually) but I still plan on enjoying it to it's fullest! Happy weekend to you all :)

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  1. So cool to see and hear how awesome Coop is doing at Baseball, love all the pics and catching up. Cool old bottle...get it valued.