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A peek into the week via the cell phone cam...

 Iron Man 3 last weekend with the boys and my dad. We LOVED it.

Kendall learned how to use the bagger and earned herself some spending money!

I was tired of always buying snack-sized everything for the kids to take to school so bought a few of these containers and taught the kids how to pack them with healthier options (they've been making their own school lunches since the 1st grade - I wasn't about to take it back over!) They are absolutely loving it!

I won't lie. Sometimes the life of a stay at home mom is totally the bomb.

A week's worth of high 70's low 80's was all it took for the kids to convince Russ to set the pool up. Sucker.

Track walking/jogging with Jana. I'm at 14 miles for the 52 miles in May challenge.

Have you tried the Thai Crunch salad at California Pizza Kitchen? Ahhhmazing.

While at the restaurant (Jana and I and our littlests were at Bridgeport Village to visit the MAC makeup store) we found out Jana got a free dessert because it was her birthday month. SOLD. Between the four of us we devoured that red velvet cake in record time.  

I won't hate it if these two get married one day :)

Cute little story: Three of these army trucks/vehicles/notsurewhattheywereactually pulled into our school parking lot after school for some reason and Cooper and his cousin Maddy were sooooo excited to get pictures posing in front of them. Then they stood at attention like this while the trucks drove out and earned themselves some friendly waves and loud horn honking in return. Totally made their day!

I'm guest hosting a pinterest group night this month where I"m going to show ladies how to make t-shirt fringe scarves. Which means I actually needed to learn how to make t-shirt fringe scarf. This was my first test run - now I can't wait to make more - so many cute options!

Now don't be too jealous but I have to go pack my bags for the Oregon Coast!
 Happy Mother's Day weekend!

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  1. Good job with the scarf, looks pretty cool. Kendall did a great job with the lawn, cute pic of Coop and Maddie and B and Em. Loved the one of the guys . No sheep were featured this week . ?! All well ?