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InstaFriday. On Friday!


Look at me doing my instafriday post on an actual friday... and in the morning no less! It's going to be a good weekend, I can tell :)

Heres's what's been going on this week!

Cooper's cast came off not a moment too soon. Baseball started this week! 
(He had to sit out the first game but was rooting for his team from the bench!)

I posted this picture at 5:30 pm Wednesday evening in an attempt to get myself on the treadmill. You know... if I let everyone know I got dressed in the morning to workout but procrastinated all day long maybe I'd get a little nudge to actually GET ON the machine?

And it worked! I started the May challenge on instagram of 52 miles in May. 
I also restarted the Couch to 5K program, which, I'll be honest, I've started three times now and have never moved past week two. Even I'm not holding my breath on this one. But hey, making it to week three will be an accomplishment!

Pretty curls on a pretty girl. Kendall is almost done with grade school, moving on to the 7th grade this fall. Waaahhh!

The maxi dresses, they call to me. (Especially that middle one.) I was good and resisted. Take that, Target. 

Russ scored though! He needed a little summer wardrobe help. New running shoes, three new pairs of shorts, and five new tees/work polos. He was a happy boy!
(20% because of the new duds and 80% because he didn't have to go shopping himself.)

I'm the kind of person who gets all excited about the new pineapple and bacon chicken sausages at Costco and then texts this picture to two people to spread the good news. These are going on the grill this weekend!

ALSO IN COSTCO RELATED NEWS: while shopping there yesterday, two different female workers who know me asked if I'd lost weight and told me I was looking amazing. My love for Costco just doubled. (Kidding. My love for Costco was already at it's max.) 
Still, it was a couple of splendid moments there, combined with the confirmation that sheesh, I must be there an awful lot.

Can I just say what a stud shopper Blake is? After a long day of five stops over the course of six hours, he is still in happy spirits and nothing but a ton of fun. LOVE that kid!

Watching baseball on a beautiful warm evening. It was Cooper's first game getting to play and on his second time up to bat he got a great hit, and then made it home off his buddy Gavin's home run.  Boy was the kid stoked! He managed to talk us into joining half the team at All Mine frozen yogurt afterwards to celebrate. (I wasn't hard to convince.)

3 miles in at 10:30 pm last night because I WILL complete the 52 miles challenge, doggone it! I also ran for 4 minutes straight and didn't die. Impressive, yes? 

The view out my window this morning. Grazing sheep are so peaceful to watch. 

Off to parties and BBQ's and who knows what else this weekend. Enjoy yours!
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  1. Hope you reach your running goals!! You can do it! Those maxis are adorable! I don't know how you resisted!

  2. great job running! i have been doing Jillian Michaels and she has been whooping my tushy.

    ps. target tempts me every time as well. ;)

  3. I needed your 52 miles in May...
    I've not done much since the run.
    I always need that added fun to make it happen.

  4. Yes! Running 4 minutes without dying is impressive. I run 3 minutes and walk a minute for the most when I do 4 minutes of solid running I sometimes feel I might not make it. ;)

  5. I wear work out clothes all the time...never seems to nudge me to work out.
    you look great.
    blake is a cutie.
    4 minutes is amazing. I ran one minute the other steps.