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Downright lovely


Ahhhhhh, the beach. Need I say more?

I spent the weekend here with some wonderful ladies at our church women's retreat and loooooved every minute of it, as I always do.

(Praying I don't get killed for sharing this pic... I just think these girls are sooo cute :) Tricia, Jana, Amy, Kelly, and Beth.)

Like I told my husband, couples getaways and family vacations are wonderful, but there's just something about staying up late sleepover-style with a bunch of girlfriends and laughing till you cry that is incredibly therapeutic. It was exactly what I needed.

No retreat would be complete without my sister Kelly - who came into my room first thing Sunday morning to give me cuddles and a mother's day card. She IS the best sister in the world. She is also a gifted worship leader and led worship for most of the sessions, doing a great job.
Jana & Karyn (sisters-in-law), and mom and daughter pair Vicky & Beth.

My roomies: Jana, Tricia, & Cara. 
I love them with all my heart. 
I also love my new leather cross-body purse.
Yep, the bright yellow one. 

Saturday morning a group of us walked/jogged down the shore to Haystack Rock, where I used my mother's selfie camera trick and got 5 of us all in one shot! She would be so proud!!

SHOPPING! Part of my mother's day present each year is spending money for Saturday afternoon. This year we drove up the coast a bit to Warrenton and hit Ross and Maurice's. JACKPOT. A shopping spree is my favorite kind of gift :) 

(And Bruce's Candy Kitchen is my favorite little candy shop in Cannon Beach.)

My friend Amy making what could only be called a "questionably" joyful noise unto the Lord ;)

Oh, good times. 

Pictures I didn't take that I wish I had: my beautiful mother-in-law Teri and her new peplum jacket that is the cutest thing you ever did see, the water baptisms in the freezing cold sea outlet on the beach Sunday morning, and our pastor Carolyn who did such an excellent job teaching. I came hope refreshed, inspired, renewed, and feeling loved.

Speaking of love, my family made mother's day the best by cleaning the house top to bottom and welcoming me home Sunday afternoon with a bunch of homemade treasures. Everyone wrote in the card, and my absolute favorite part was when Russ wrote after listing a bunch of sweet compliments about me, that I was "downright lovely". That is not a term he ever uses and it just tickled me to no end! Perhaps he watched a little Downton Abbey while I was gone?

I also found this hanging over my kitchen sink - filled with plants picked by each of the kids and Russ. Love it.

Now for those that might be wondering, what about YOUR mother, Jodi?

Here's where she was Sunday:
 "Good morning from the desert" she texted us bright and early.

And later in the day... "after an exhausting climb, 547 miles completed."

That's 547 miles in the ONE MONTH she's been gone.

My amazing mother is my GREATEST inspiration and hero of all.


  1. I love your recaps Jod, and all the pics.. I was especially excited with your one armed 5 people masterpiece, then humbled to read the final post . Love you so much .