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A weekend full of sawdust


Another weekend has come and gone and all that's left are the fun memories we made and the trail of mud and dust leading through my laundry room and kitchen that are causing me to wail and gnash my teeth in despair. (Read: complain really loudly.)

The highlights:
- Cooper had a friend over Friday afternoon and this happened:
Now to clarify: I'm going to call this a highlight for THEM. After I congratulated the boys and took their picture, I then demanded they get rid of that thing far, FAR from the house and go scrub their hands with soap before touching a single thing in my house.

- Friday night Kendall was at a sleepover so it was just me and the boys. And what did we do? We played Qwirkle (Russ is on a winning streak lately and it's driving me bananas) and watched Mirror, Mirror. I secretly found this hilarious.

- Saturday night we had an impromptu date night to see the new Star Trek movie with my sister and brother-in-law and father, and it was just as awesome as I expected.

- Sunday afternoon Kendall performed at her annual piano recital and not only did she play her two songs she's been working on for months excellently, but she also played and sang a new song she wrote herself. With not an ounce of fear. (Or an ounce of photos taken of her.)

(Never fear though, Grandma... I videoed!)

- Our new siding project is well underway and this includes getting a new back door and kitchen windows, which Russell worked on prepping for and putting in yesterday, besides working for hours repairing a few rotted spots of wall found under our old siding. He's so handy!
He's not half bad to watch either ;)

The lowlights:
- My entire kitchen is covered with a very fine layer of sawdust thanks to that empty window opening.

- My laundry room is also filled with muddy clothes and boots and power cords going out the back door and random tools deposited in the middle of the floor for unknown reasons, and it's all very depressing to look at.

- Oh look, they're in the garden again! Enough said.

- I almost lost poor Leroy (the betta fish) down the drain while transferring him to a clean canning jar in my kitchen sink. He went straight into the drain cover and darned if he wasn't a slippery dude to get back out - I thought for sure I'd killed him by the time I finally got a hold of him and put him back in his water. Thankfully I didn't end up having to make that announcement to Cooper and Leroy lives to see another day. It was a very stressful few moments there though!

- I had a massive bout of menstrual-induced grumpiness late Saturday afternoon that could only be termed  "aggressive" and possibly even "volatile". By golly, you didn't want to be in my war path... especially if you just jumped in the swimming pool fully clothed while it was raining outside (boots included) and then were overheard saying "you don't need to tell Mom, it's okay with her." (Ahem, COOPER).

Let's just say I owed everybody an apology the next morning.

But hey, nobody's perfect, right? It was still a good weekend :)


  1. I still just love your blog

  2. oh my! jumping in the pool fully clothed would make anyone volatile, menstrual induced or not!

  3. Loved it..and thanks for the video, I prayed for Kendall's recital that the anointing would be on her and it would minister to everyone listening..I'm very proud :D I just knew she would do a wonderful job.