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I sure appreciate everyone's sympathy yesterday. Thanks. We are feeling much better and are adding a few more girls to our flock, tonight! Here's what else has been going on this past week...

Watching the sheep get sheared last Friday and keeping warm in the cutest hat on earth.

The cutest ever cake at a baby shower I went to last Saturday. 
Handmade by the hostess. She's got mad skills I tell ya!

Blake's "basketball" ensemble he came up with all on his own. 
Public announcement: He didn't get his fashion sense from me!

At the happiest place on earth (for a Mom)... Target! :) A little shopping date with the sister.

Cooper's still-broken arm. He got a new cast on Wednesday... and thank goodness because ten-year-old boys' casts don't smell good for long! 

Yesterday morning after we all finished our cry-fest over our sheep we decided to go out to breakfast to drown our sorrows in pancake syrup.

Oh and we took these three along, letting them skip school for the morning. 
It was a great pick-me-up for all of us!

 AND THEN... my friend Jana took me to lunch here! 
Two meals out in one day = a near perfect day for me ;)

What a good friend :) We also hit up a thrift store and the mall. Nothing like retail therapy!

In the meantime Russ worked on a new closure for our sheep pen with the help of this mini-farmer. 
We are now good to go!

Have a happy weekend :)
life rearranged


  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your sheep. :( I'm glad you were able to have some special family time together.

    I am SO JEALOUS you have Sweet Tomatoes there!!!! My sister has one by where she lives just outside Chicago, and it is a given we go there every single time I visit. I basically graze for a good 2 hours. It is so, so good! Mouth watering just thinking about it now. And, no, we don't have them where I live. :(

  2. Cute pics Jod , was so excited to see new sheep on the horizon..OK, in your yard actually ,,great looking security gate on the wood shed pen ..I feel better now.

  3. Did ST have the lemon lava cake? Ohhhh so good!!! The BF and I love your blog girlfriend! -Christine

    1. Lemon lava cake?!! Holy cow I would have been ALL over that! Boo, I think I missed it!

  4. Hi I really love your sheep stable/barn and wonder if the plans are available online or if there are any other pics of it so I can figure out how to build one for our goats?? Thanks, Robyn