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InstaFriday, now with sheep!


Hello, Friday!
It's been a FULL week... here's what we've been up to:

 Coop got a new cast... the white stripes are glow in the dark! Pretty darned cool.

 Enjoying some fine spring weather at the park last weekend. 

 Took this cutie to the mall for an Easter dress and introduced her to Auntie Anne's pretzels.
(One of my teenage staples.)

 Stopped in at a new cafe in town for a free ice cream cone during their grand opening. Felt like summer!

 Late night at the movies with my girls to see The Host. I liked the book but after reading online reviews and talking to a friend who saw it opening night and was disappointed in it, I went into the theater with really low expectations. Which totally paid off, I loved it!

 The lovely little surprise my husband brought home for me one day after work. Ahhh, to be known so well ;)

 Is there anything better than a hand-picked dandelion bouquet from a sweet 5-year-old? 
These became our table centerpiece for 3 days :)

 Kendall won a $10 shopping trip at a local store for her entrance in their Easter coloring competition. Girlfriend spent a full HOUR picking out what she wanted and I can now safely say I have seen every single item in that place.  

Hello, kiwifruit!
 Do you know how many of these I consumed during my childhood in New Zealand? Huuundreds.
Sidenote: we don't call them kiwis... that's what we call ourselves!

And if that's not enough to remind me of where I came from, I now proudly present...
Oh, the tale I have to tell of these four's arrival into our lives. I think it shall be my Monday confessional. 

(The confession of how I viciously opposed their arrival to my YARD. Except it's not really a confession because everyone and their brother and their brother's uncle's neighbor knew of my opposition.
Still, I'll talk about it Monday.)

(And please note that they get sheared today and I'll have new pictures to share because, my oh my are they shaggy beasts right now!)

Until then, enjoy the weekend!


  1. I wanted to see The Host too (loved the book), but was scared away by all the bad reviews also. Figured I'd wait for DVD. But now, I will bravely go see in the theaters in the next week or so. Stopping by from Life Rearranged.

    laura @

  2. Love all the photo's Jod ..did not know Kendall won a competition..that's so cool..she does sound a trifle like a "known' relative who can also take a VERY long time shopping ;D Can't wait to read Monday's story .

    1. Yes, she is very much like that "relative"!

  3. OMG I can't eve TELL you how jealous I am of your sheep!!!! You are such a lucky duck!! They Weill be such a neat thing to have. I'm jealous. :). Also, I didn't get a chance to tell you on we'd how cute you looked in your new outfit from your cousin, so I saying it now. You look stinkin adorable in that denim a nd dots! (And like 24 years old, too, woot!). Have a great weeken, can't wait to hear about you sheep! Mwah!

    1. Sarah your comments always make me smile huge :) Don't be too jealous of the sheep - you have no idea how much poop they are emitting in my yard! And thank you for the compliment on my outfit... 24? WOOHOO :)

    2. Ummm hello typos up there! Yikes. I'll try to concentrate on the negatives to sheep then. Ha!

  4. BAHAHAHAHAHA... You own SHEEP! And a MOUSE. And TWO FISH. And a DOG. As someone who grew up with you, and feels like they have a pretty good read on your "ideal" life... I am so thoroughly entertained right now!

    1. hahaha, it's true - I'm feeling a bit like the Pioneer woman who never saw herself on a ranch homeschooling four children!

  5. That cast is super cool!!!
    And the sheep look beautiful in your yard, I must say!!

    Lastly, what did you call kiwis?

    1. we call the fruit kiwifruit - all one word. just like a grapefruit is not a grape!

  6. hahahahaha sheeeeep! oH my brother! Love all the fun pics.

  7. once again, sorry about the sheep!:)