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It's basically a mish-mash today. A little InstaFriday, a little weekend recap, and a little Monday confessional, because why not?

(Or maybe because I got a wee bit lazy about blogging by the end of last week and feel like I should make up for it now?)

First up, Instafriday: recapping last week as captured by the cell phone cam. 
A new book from the "science fair!" (aka school book fair) from Daddy - #1 sucker to smiling little boys requests :)

Miley says good morning!

Russ came home from work early for a dentist appointment and brought me Starbucks. Possibly because he's the best husband ever, possibly because he knows I'm about at breaking point over the sheep in my flower beds!

But still, Oreo is just the cutest! 

The surprise I found in my fridge one afternoon. Blake's explanation? It needed to "get cold".
(I don't get it either.)

And now for the weekend recap: 
Friday night was date night to see Oblivion with some of our best friends: Tim and Cara, and Erik & Tricia, aka Russ's brother and sister and their spouses. Between us three couples we have 12 kids, reason enough to ditch them all for a night out!

First we went to The Ram for dessert and I'd like to introduce you to something you need to try: colossal sizzling bread pudding. FANTASTIC.

Saturday morning my most amazing and wonderful mother-in-law came over to help me move a bunch of plants out of flower beds we are getting rid of for the new porch and deck, and into different spots in my yard. Yay for an accomplished morning of yard work and gabbing!  

Saturday night was date night #2, celebrating our friend Janin's 40th at a catered outdoor dinner and bonfire. (Holding sweet baby Reagan!)

Me & Reagan, Cara, Kelly, Nicole (Reagan's mama), and the birthday girl.

Sunday afternoon was a BBQ at my Dad's for my brother's birthday (look, the mountain man beard is gone!)

Jay and Christine

The Wilson kids. LOVE THESE TWO!

Oh man was it a good weekend of friends, family, and FOOD.

Friday's date night is what leads to my Monday confessional:

After the movie finished we all followed Russ out into the parking lot because we'd driven up together and he had dropped us off at the door to the theater when we arrived. It took us a while to realize we were wandering a bit (lots to discuss after seeing that film!) and Russ admitted he couldn't quite remember where he'd parked. This led to quite a bit of teasing from all of us, myself included. In fact, I was still laughing when I said "I STILL can't see your car, babe!" after he'd announced he'd finally spotted it and we'd changed course, and it was then that everyone pointed out I had just walked straight past it while they'd all stopped to get in. 

At least Russ knew what he was looking for, I'd forgotten which car we'd come in and wasn't even looking for the right one! 

Quite the team we are, Russ and I.

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. good post! Fun weekend despite my car breaking down!

  2. Thanks for all the great pics Jod. ... I LOVE OREO. How cute !