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Dear family


Dear Russell - thank you for taking my car through the car wash yesterday and picking me up a Starbucks gift card while you were at it. I shall keep you forever.

Dear Kendall - thank you for mixing Cooper warm honey and cinnamon for his throat before school the last couple of mornings because it helps him to not cough. You are sweeter than that honey. 

Dear Cooper - thank you for setting your morning alarm half an hour early all on your own to get up and finish your homework while the rest of us still slept. God bless you. 

Dear Blake - thank you for letting me lay in bed and cuddle with you last night for 20 minutes while I pretended you were still three and not an almost-kindergartner. I especially liked how you played with my hair and gave me my own teddy bear to hold :)

Dear God - thank you for my precious family and that there is always something to be thankful for.


  1. So sweet! I love your little family too!

  2. I love your part about snuggles with Blake. Those are the times that most make me look forward to being a mom.