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It is one of the harsh realities of country living that the threat of predators to livestock is a real danger.

We woke this morning to the heart-breaking discovery that we'd had a coyote attack during the night. Ginger and her baby and Mabel, our pregnant ewe, were all killed.

I'm sure you can imagine how hard this was to not only find, but to tell our children.

Sadly, it is not an uncommon occurrence around here, we were in fact warned that it could happen. We are working on some things around here today to make sure it doesn't happen again.

In the mean time, it makes me glad that I have these pictures from two days ago to remember them.

In loving memory of:

Ginger's baby (we hadn't picked a name for her yet)

and Mabel


  1. So so sad tears :(
    How wonderful you took pictures.
    snif snif

  2. Sorry to hear that. Get the guns out and start blasting those darn coyotes!

  3. Terrible...that was fast. They were only there for a couple days.

  4. That is so sad!! I know around here the guys hunt the coyotes. They are really bad news!


  5. That makes me so sad:( Shoot all coyotes!

  6. Girrrrrrlllllll.. I told only exposure to farm animals is "charlottes Web"!! I can't handle these traumatic incidents!! I know your kids are probably shaken up.. but what about the readers?? Especially the naive ones like me... I hope everyone is ok... losing animals especially babies has GOT to be rough.. I'm thinking about you guys....

    1. Dearest Suzanne... I'm so sorry for your pain ;) We are doing much better. Let the kids skip school, went out to breakfast, then Russ worked with the boys on a new closure for the pen and I went shopping! A little retail therapy with a girlfriend did me real good ;) We are getting some more sheep for the kids and are going to continue this farming adventure!!

  7. Hey Jodi! Just wanted to stop by and let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award! You can check it out on my page :)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  8. Very good!!! Retail therapy is VERY soothing!!! You're sheep experiment is like going into the 4H club... I will try to keep my emotions in check as we go.. I'm just glad you're taking the time to comfort your following...;)

  9. Hi there! I'm trying to get myself back in the blogging world!! I LOVE that you have sheep now!! How fun! Loved the sheering post, too! So sorry that you lost one! We've lost a couple hamsters and that was traumatic enough. :( Boo to that coyote!!