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Baby lambs and a little sheep Q&A


GUYS. We have baby lambs! 

Ginger and Shadow both had their babies yesterday and darn it if I didn't run outside with my camera while still in my slippers, forgetting my own boots-only rule in my excitement and of course stepping in sheep droppings before I could realize my mistake. Took my enthusiasm down a notch or two on the spot, I'll tell you that.

One look at this sweet sight made me forget all about it though. Acckkkk! So cute!


Ginger with her baby.

And Shadow with hers.

Both babies are nursing well and as of last night were running around next to their grazing mamas and being as cute as buttons, entertaining us hugely.

(Also entertaining us hugely: Russ's attempts to herd them back into our woodshed for the night to keep them safe from coyotes. Hilarious.)

Now, to answer a few questions from the comments on yesterday's post:

Will you ever be able to shear them?
Ourselves? Kendall and Cooper will learn how in 4H (and they can show their lambs in the fair!) but if we keep them till next year, when they'd need to be sheared again, we'd probably hire someone again. (It wasn't expensive). Our original plan though was to take them to auction to sell at the end of summer, so we'll have to wait and see.

Where does the wool go if its in good shape?
The two options I've heard of so far are craigslist and selling it to spinners at the county fair.

Do they have a barn?
They have adopted our woodshed as their barn, which is perfect really. Russ put straw down last night and a closure across the front so the lambs are protected from predators at night.

How does your dog like them?
Miley is scared of them! At first she was very curious but the sheep all lined up and stomped their feet at her (just like in the movie Babe!) and she came whimpering back behind my legs like the big chicken she is ;)

Do they just eat grass?
I've been told they'll also eat our grapevines, fruit trees, and flowers, once the grass is all short. Which is why I've finally talked Russ into getting a moveable pen for them! Hurrah!! So far they've only eaten grass here. They need a mineral salt lick too to keep them from getting bloat.

Just how BIG is your yard????????

At least an acre, possibly two. (We have 10 acres total - most of it in Christmas trees.) Mowing it takes a good 2 - 3 hours on a riding mower. 

Do they eat "evenly" to keep the lawn "mowed"? How do they know how to do this?
You know, I don't know but they do! As long as you have enough sheep per acre (avg. of 5-6 sheep per acre is recommended.) Personally I don't think ours will be able to keep up with our lawn but hopefully if we move them around the outside edges in a portable pen then we can just mow the area closer to our house, which is where the kids play and where I don't want to accidentally step in poop!


  1. O my! They are so so so cute....and now i want sheep. Sheep that have babies! Forget housework..time to go snuggle baby sheep! Dinner? No way..time to snuggle on a sheep!

  2. I heard a news story this morning on the radio about how getting sheep to mow your lawn is all the craze in France now, and even Paris' city hall just obtained four sheep to eco-friendly take care of their grounds. Made me laugh. Way to be on trend sister!!!

  3. I'm not gonna lie, I'm so pumped to see how this all goes for you. I'm totally jealous, and loving on the babies! I swear I'm coming out to meet and visit you {and these babies now! Eeep

  4. Wait!!! Whaaaaat???? Sell???? Nooooo!!!!! You have to keep them forever now right???( you have to forgive my naïveté.... My closest experience to this is " charlottes web")

  5. Those lambs are going to taste good next winter!

  6. Lovin your guys' comments and laughing at some of them :) No I don't think we'll eat them and they'll probably stick around!

  7. if you sell any... I may have to step in and adopt...