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Awkward and Awesome


- hearing your husband playfully call out "hey baby, come get NEK-KED" from the bedroom after he thinks the kids are all in bed when actually they are not.quite.there.yet.
- Sorry, I can't think of anything else right now. But really, it was soooo awkward.

- Our spring weather lately. Gorgeous.
- dandelion head-wreath making on a warm afternoon.
- Cadbury cream eggs on clearance sale after Easter. Score!
- The following conversation Cooper had with himself after I pointed out a vintage Porsche on the freeway the other day: 
"If I had that car I wouldn't drive it. It would be worth so much money I'd sell it. 
No, actually I'd save it for my honeymoon. And the girl would be all excited! 
And I'd say, DON'T THROW UP IN IT!"

Okaay, Casanova!


  1. HILARIOUS!!!! All of it...hilarious. I started laughing at NEK-KED and continued all the way through "DON'T THROW UP IN IT!" Thanks for a great start to my day. :)

  2. Score with the creme eggs alright, Yay you !! ...I'm waiting for the sheep to make and appearance ;D

  3. I'm sorry....about the sheep. Now you will have to try and have picnics around the sheep dropping! No bueno.

  4. Confession... first thing I did when I saw the picture of Kendall was look for sheep poo in the background! I see disaster ahead for Elijah coming to visit!!

    So funny about Russ (totally heard his voice in my head) and laughed at Cooper's thought process... such a melancholy!! Immediately jump to the worst thing that could happen to him in his prized possession!

  5. Yes yes, the sheep story is coming!!