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Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- spotting a friend load her groceries into her car as you pull into the store parking lot and slowing down as you drive by to give her a friendly honk-honk and a wave, except your honk gives your friend a near heart-attack and makes her almost drop her groceries and then hold her chest as she takes deep breaths. So sorry, friend!
- making the HUGE mistake of mentioning the very routine "sac check" that will be happening at your 10-year-old son's upcoming well-child doctor visit and sending him into a full blown panic attack including tears, an upset stomach, and trouble sleeping at night. Rookie mom move, sigh.
- Our penchant for starting major house projects on a whim. Yesterday morning the outside of our house was intact. Today we have no siding or walls on our front porch.

- our plans for a new front porch and wrap-around deck! Please Jesus, help us finish this one quickly!
- finding white chocolate Lindor truffles in the bulk candy bins at Winco. Because they should definitely be bought in bulk ;)
- Blake's brand new baby lamb, born this morning. How cool is this coloring?!
Blake has very appropriately named her Oreo :)
- this guy getting his cast off!
 It called for a celebratory 7-layer-bar treat from a nearby cafe. For me :) Cooper picked peanut butter cookies.
- beautiful, sunny, mid-seventies weather all week long. Helloooo picnic in the park with friends!
- TWO date nights planned for the weekend: a movie date to see Oblivion Friday night and then a no-kids birthday party for our friend's 40th on Saturday. C'mon, weekend!!


  1. My son had that when he went into high school and then the dr. went into this whole tutorial on checking testicals while in the shower in front of me and my daughter.... a w k w ar d!!!!!

  2. Double date night weekend! WOO HOO!! :) Have fun!

    And I love the treat. For you. :) I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets a treat for myself, along with my kids, whenever some major milestone is achieved. Ok, so the cast thing was totally legit for you guys. And a big deal!! It may be possible that we all got frozen drinks at Target yesterday after my 5 year old picked finally picked out a gift for the birthday party he's going to tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I just look for reasons to increase my sugar intake...

    The lamb is ADORABLE!! Love the name Oreo, too. :)

    This is the end of this now ridiculously long comment...

    1. A hahahaha, as a lover of treats on all occasions, I fully approve of your reason for treating yo'self at Target! And your not-too-long comment :)

  3. Yay for the weekend! That baby lamb is so adorable!! And im so happy for warmer weather too.