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A few things about this picture


1. That's one cute husband.
2. And one adorable lamb.
3. The grass is mowed in the background. Hallelujah. Four sheep and two lambs are just not cutting it, folks. (And I guess I mean literally!)
4. The grass is mowed because husband taught daughter how to use the riding mower. Hallelujah and amen.
5. There's a step ladder in the background because daughter sprayed grass ALL OVER our huge living room bay window and I spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon washing it off.
6. All our fruit trees are in blossom right now and I love them. And thankfully I can see them again now that I have a sparkling living room window!
7. This picture was taken approximately half an hour after we were supposed to be at a couple's game night on Saturday.
8. Yet here we were in the driveway, because our sheep wouldn't go in their pen where they must be shut in each night to keep them safe, because husband cleaned it out and put new straw down and one step in was all it took for the sheep to collectively decide, "Something is different here! ABORT PEN ENTRY. REPEAT, ABORT PEN ENTRY!!!"
9. After 20 minutes of completely ineffective herding, I decided to wait it out in the car and Russ decided to catch the lambs so their mamas would follow them (and him) into the pen. Thus, the dirt on husband's elbow. The lambs are getting darned fast and it took a few failed grabs and a couple of falls before catching this little guy. I'll tell you what, it's a miracle I didn't pee my pants from laughing so hard because it was hilarious.
10. What you will not see in this picture: tulips. The sheep ate them all. Which is why having sheep in my yard is NOT hilarious. Not at ALL. (But I still love the lambs ;)  


  1. I don't even know your hubby, but I totally giggled. :) Glad the lambs are keeping you in love with the sheep. Even if they did eat your tulips. Ha!

  2. 'abort, abort,abort pen entry!' it and you guys..T

    1. Dear Teri... you appear to be logged in to my blogger account - oops! My mistake for not logging out when I used your laptop the other day!

  3. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? And all of yours are hilarious! :) (Except the no tulips part. Sorry about that. But your commentary even on that is still funny...)

  4. I'm with Teri, the new hay and abort pen entry cracked me up, darn sheep, but lambs are so cute. So sorry about all your plants, do sheep not know the grass is their boundary !! I would be pretty frustrated too. Love you.