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What I Wore Wednesday


A few outfits from our mini-vacation last week, and then back to real life. 

Last Thursday 
(dressed to support our boys basketball team in the state finals)
borrowed cardy from my sister, school spirit tee, borrowed skinny jeans from my mother, Walmart boots

Ahhh, the dressing room selfie. 
I was in Maurice's (the ONLY clothing store in Baker City), where I discovered the CUTEST combo:
Sadly, neither the chambray shirt nor the polkadot sweater were on sale, and I wasn't willing to dole out the $70 bucks to get them. (Or maybe I texted my husband this pic to ask him if I could blow our trip budget and he responded with a resounding no.)
The point is, this picture is all that I have to remember the cutest outfit I may ever wear.

Moving on.

Arizona flannel shirt, Target jeans, Walmart boots, bazaar sale scarf


I forgot to take an outfit pic this day so good thing I made sure to get a picture of my ice cream cone!
With my sister-in-law while exploring down town. (Land's End turtleneck, Columbia puffer vest)

 (back home again. If you couldn't tell.)
Target sweater, O'Neill flannel shirt (Costco), borrowed jeans from my mother (which I have now officially confiscated), Walmart boots

thrifted A.N.A top from the Baker City Salvation Army (that's right, I thrifted while on vacation. $1.50. BAM.) Thrifted Maurice's jeans, Target wedges

Happy Wednesday, guys!
pleated poppy


  1. Cute, cute stuff! You definitely should go back and get that one outfit!


  2. These are all so cute and love how you layer!

  3. Cute outfits! You should check out Forever 21 online for a polka dot sweater. I remember seeing one just like that on there a few weeks ago.

  4. A girl after my own heart! I thrift on vacation too!! I have quite the collection of thrifted polka dot sweaters at the moment. Keep looking!

  5. The pink sparkles looks great on you. How fun. The look on my face in the ice cream cone picture makes me understand why people always ask me if I'm feeling ok. haha

    1. What? I didn't think it was a bad pic of you! Thanks for finding me that sparkle tee, I seriously got 5 or 6 compliments on it when I wore it!

  6. love your mustard sweater Jodi! Great outfits!

    Here are mine if you get a second to take a peak:

  7. Bummer the polka dot sweater and chambray shirt weren't on sale, because you look great in them! I'd keep my eye on them to see if they go on sale :)


  8. I've been following your blog for about 6 months now.. I LOVE your tunics and boot leg jeans.. now I love the plaid with the sweaters.. you are such a good fashion model..

  9. I must say you look cute in all of them...but I love, love, love the pokadots! Great use of layering.

  10. Love your style! Love your gold cardigan and polka dot sweater!
    New follower! Looking forward to your next posts!


  11. Found you through WIWW! New follower! Read your About Me and it sounds like we have a lot in common. :)

  12. That picture of the cute outfit you'll never have is soo sad! I hate clothing tragedies. :( But your comment about confiscating your mother's clothes made me laugh. I do that with my sister's clothes.

    1. Hehe, I even texted her something about never returning them with a "mwahahaha" at the end ;)

  13. Such cute casual looks! You look comfortable yet very pulled together!

  14. Ooh I LOVE the Maurices outfit...that polka dot sweater is too cute! And I really like Monday's outfit. I need to try layering a sweater over a button down...haven't done that yet. :)