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The weird day


Don't worry, there's chocolate at the end :)

12:34 am: I finally climb into bed after staying up late blogging about my week and weekend of sick kids and fun happenings.

1:00 am: Cooper bursts into the room, startling me awake in a confused panic. He is crying, he doesn't feel good. I rush him to the bathroom, leave him in front of the toilet, run to the kitchen to grab a big bowl, and come back 30 seconds later to find out he's thrown up all over the floor and bath mat. Drats.

1:05 am: operation Bathroom Sanitization begins.

1:20 am: I make a cozy bed on the couch for Cooper and bring out my heated throw for myself - settling in at the opposite end of the couch for moral support. I then realize the adrenaline of the past twenty minutes has completely woken me up and I lay there for the next hour, my super sonic mom hearing in full effect. Double drats.

2:30 am: puke session #2 begins and I try my best to comfort my prone-to-the-dramatic son who is sure that he has descended to the very pits of hell and his life can not go on. Which I totally get. Puking sucks.

2:45 am: we settle back in and this time I am able to drift off, praise Jesus. 

4:40 am: Russ comes out into the living room ready to leave for work, doesn't realize we're on the couch and turns all the lights on. Once again I am startled awake in a confused panic. Cooper also wakes up, decides he's ready to get back in his own bed, moves a little too fast, and throws up again, this time splattering my couch. 

4:45 am: operation Couch Sanitization begins.

5:00 am: Russ has left for work, Cooper is back asleep, I go back to my own bed and realize that once again adrenaline has done it's magic and I'm wide awake until I get Kendall off to school at 7:45 am. 

8-10:30 am: I sleep the sleep of the dead, barely aware that both boys have woken up and are watching cartoons.

10:30 am: I get up, feel guilty about the time, and decide to simultaneously do laundry, wash dishes, mop and sweep my floors, scrub down my kitchen, and for some crazy reason, remove the shelves in my fridge to wash them in the sink.

1:30 pm: my energy fizzles as quickly as it began and I head back to bed after putting both boys down for naps. 

4:00 pm: my eyes open. Good grief, where did the time go? Russ is managing the kids and once again I feel guilty and decide to vacuum the living room, cook a healthy dinner, and enlist Blake, Kendall, and Russ to do a house pick up.

5:30 pm: dinner is eaten, Kendall has done the dishes, and somehow everyone has disappeared from the living room except myself when the front door bell rings. I glance down in horror and realize I'm still in my grungy sweats from the night before, with fuzzy striped socks, yesterdays makeup, and my hair a double-nap-day DISASTER. And Oh look, it's Russ's hunting buddy, Tyson. I answer the door sheepishly and call for Russ, then pretend to conjure up magic that will make him forget he ever saw me. We laugh, but secretly I DIE.

7:00 pm: I tell Russ I feel upside down from my day and I need to do something to feel better, so I go read a devotional book in the bathroom, talk to the Lord for a bit (mainly telling Him why I think it would be perfectly right and fair for me to NOT get sick when everyone else seems to be succumbing to it), then put my big girl panties on and jump on the treadmill. After a couple of miles and a refreshing shower I feel clean and ready to take on an hour of helping Cooper (who has recovered nicely) with his homework from his missed day of school. I'm even patient and everything!

9:00 pm: all children are asleep in their beds, the house is quiet and clean. I'm reading emails on the computer when Russell suddenly looks up at me with an "Uh Oh", and runs to the garbage can to throw up. 

9:01 pm: we just look at each other for a second and then laugh a little bit and finally I say, "well at least YOU can take care of yourself!" 

9:02 pm: and then I go eat a Cadbury cream egg. Because sometimes a mom is just DONE.  


  1. OH Man! Hope Russell got the easy version.

  2. 5:30pm... priceless! Seriously laughed out loud, I'd like some of that conjured up magic also!!! I also think it's perfectly right and fair for you to NOT get sick - and I'd like to add myself into that equation!! Amen!

  3. that's so weird... that's exactly what I did after staying up all night with Drew, scrubbed all the bathrooms and floors. It took me hours!! Must be a mom thing:)I'm sure chocolate was involved some how too!!

  4. Ugh! Puke is no fun! Hope you all are well soon. Chocolate makes all things better.

  5. This is the first time I've visited your blog. I found it through the "Big Mama" blog. My heart goes out to you and your sick family and your sleepless night!! I love how you wrote your entry as a "time log" of events...I was feelin' your pain, but also laughing at the way you captured it in words. :) I hope you are able to stay healthy!

  6. So sorry Jod ..but my how you had energy to do all that cleaning do.not.know !! deserve more Cadbury creme eggs that's what I say !!

  7. ugghhh... girrrrrrrlll... you had the DAY didn't you?? BUT.. you MUST not feel guilty about sleeping!! Remember what they tell you when you have a baby? Sleep when the baby sleeps... its like that... sleep is a wonderful thing.. nothing to feel guilty about... I LOVE sleep...

  8. Oh girlfriend! You did need chocolate! Bummer germs. I hope you escape!

  9. I'm 2,000 miles away, but somehow Cooper managed to give me his bug. I've spent the last 24hours with a barf bag as my companion.

    1. Oh NOOOOO! So sorry... it's so miserable :(