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Monday Confessional


Sometimes I take ditzyness to a whole new level.

For example: I am the kind of girl who believes her two small baking ramekins (the kind used for individual creme brulees) are lost for MONTHS because I can't find them anywhere in my kitchen, and even ask friends and family if I loaned them out to them, only to realize they've been in my bathroom drawer the whole time, where I moved them to hold my bobby pins and hair ties and where I see them every. single. day.

True story.

Look, I even took a picture.
Just another day in the life with Jodi! (shakes head at self)


  1. You may have forgotten where said ramekins were, but I am in total and utter amazement of your organization skills. That is a rockin' bathroom drawer, my friend!! I can get mine to look like that for 1 good solid day. Until I actually use it again, or my daughter busts in to dig for "chap lips" (aka chap stick).

  2. yeah I commend you on your drawer organization...but the bigger question still remains, were you going to make creme brulee or just wanting them because you realized you couldn't find them?? I do that a lot

    1. hahaha, no I've actually never made creme brulee! I do use them for other things though, but mainly I just wanted to know where the heck they went :)