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Good Friday to you! 
Here's what's been going on this week...

Girlfriends dinner at my friend, Therese's, to welcome her two oldest girls home from college. With bunny name tags and all. Delightful!

 After dinner we played this game that involved us all sharing our most embarrassing moments on a piece of paper and then trying to guess who it was. DIED laughing. Such a fun evening.

A little lego shopping trip with a buddy to use his birthday money. 

How Blake watches "scary" movies.

 Scrapbooking with Tricia! And doing a little picture organizing on the laptop. I spent a lovely two days this week doing this, and NOT cleaning or entertaining children. Like I said, lovely.

 Nick Furry says hello. We like her.

 A full-on egg dying operation at Grandma Tracy's last night!

My nephew Elijah decided he wanted ALL the eggs green. And his hands.

I just love a baby bundled up like a burrito! Babysitting little Tristan.


Happy weekend and HAPPY EASTER!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Such a fun recap and oh the cuteness of Baby Tristan ..had to save that pic. :D