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InstaFriday - roadtrip edition


Wednesday morning we hit the road at 6:30 am. Armed with nothing but a single banana after I accidentally left our mini-cooler of snacks behind, our 5 1/2 hour trip went surprisingly well thanks to Redwall on audiobook and a Leapster.

(Except for the part where Blake announced he had to go potty and 30 seconds later wet his pants. With 2 hours still left to go. That part was as un-fun as it could get.)

First game at State finals.

Swimming at the Y with cousins and friends during an evening session of games. 

My favorite building in historic Baker City, the Geiser Grand Hotel.

Our hotel was not so grand, but included breakfast every morning in the hotel restaurant, which was a total plus!

Also a plus... taking a shopping trip with girlfriends! (Hello Tricia, Therese, Annie, and Cara!)

Wait, maybe this is my favorite building in Baker City! Built in 1906. GORGEOUS.

Gym buddies! Kendall and Cooper are Baker trip pros but this has been Blake's first time coming along and I'm so pleased with how excellent he's done, considering how many games he's had to sit through!

 Today will be more of this (and more Redwall - which Russ and I have been completely sucked into) as we travel home.

Happy weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness - the Redwall series is awesome. I read the first one when I was in 5th grade

    1. We LOVED it! I may just get some more of the series to read myself! :)

  2. sounds like a great weekend! hope you had a safe trip home!

    1. Thank you, it was and we did :)

  3. I love old buildings too!! There are some amazing churches in downtown portland I would love to get married in but that will never happen!!